Pashnin on the move to Yaroslavl Lokomotiv
Friday December 30th 2011, 9:59 am

According to his agent Alexei Dementiev, New York Rangers prospect Mikhail Pashnin will continue his career with Yaroslavl Lokomotiv as the organization continues to rebuild following the September plane crash that killed its entire squad.

Dementiev explained the move to RIA Novosti:

After the tragedy in occured in Yaroslavl, KHL teams adopted a “road map” with regards to restoration of the team in the Russian league.  Each club has been given the opportunity to protect two players born between 1989 and 1994. Mikhail wasn’t among this number, because CSKA has a large number of promising young players, and Lokomotiv was interested in his services.  Negotiations lasted a long time, but in the end he decided that he would move to the Yaroslavl team.

Dementiev added that the decision was difficult for Pashnin, because in the two and a half years since he was drafted first overall by CSKA in the KHL’s first ever entry draft, “CSKA had become Mikhail’s home.”

Just last summer, the 22-year old defenseman signed a 2-year extension with CSKA after reports that he would sign with the Rangers and come to North America proved false.  Though the move to Lokomotiv should be beneficial to Pashnin’s development, as he’ll be looked upon to be a leader on the rebuilding team’s defense, it would also seem to reduce the chances — extremely slim though they were — that he’ll be allowed to come to North America before his current contract expires.

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Pashnin re-signs with CSKA Moscow
Monday August 08th 2011, 11:08 am

According to the team’s web site, New York Rangers 2009 7th round pick Mikhail Pashnin has signed a two year extension with CSKA Moscow. No word yet on whether the deal includes an NHL out clause, or whether it will allow the 22-year old defenseman to attend the Rangers training camp this fall with the option of returning to Russia if he fails to make the NHL roster.

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Agent: No decision yet on where Pashnin will play next season
Friday August 05th 2011, 12:31 pm
The agent for Mikhail Pashnin says his client hasn't yet decided where he'll play the 2011-2012 season.


Maybe having one of the greatest defenseman in your country’s history tell the press you’re making a mistake is enough to give one pause.  Or maybe the New York Rangers aren’t offering the kind of contract Mikhail Pashnin and his agent were hoping for.  Either way, it appears Pashnin’s signing with the club that made him the 200th overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft may not be as imminent as it once seemed.

Ekaterina Mukhlinina of spoke to Pashnin’s agent Alexei Dementiev, who made it clear the decision on where Pashnin will play next season has not yet been made.  “At the current moment, Pashnin has not signed any contract, either with CSKA Moscow or the Rangers.  All roads are open for Mikhail,” he stressed.  “Anything’s possible.”

“I think everything will be determined within a week to ten days,” Dementiev added.

Responding to CSKA President and Russian hockey legend Viacheslav Fetisov’s criticism earlier this week of Pashnin’s decision to continue his career in North America, Dementiev clarified their position.  “Neither I or Mikhail himself claim that he won’t develop in Russia.  At present we’re evaluating all prospects and opportunities for his next actions.” In an effort to smooth over any potential or perceived rift between his client and the team that continues to hold his KHL rights, he added “Pashnin has great respect for CSKA.  He has only positive feelings towards the brand, the team.”

This could be nothing more than Dementiev trying to make sure his client’s relationship with CSKA hasn’t been damaged, and that the young defenseman has a job to return to if things don’t go well for him in the Rangers organization.  Or, it could be a misguided attempt by the agent to put pressure on the Rangers to sweeten the terms of their offer.  Or maybe the kid is just having second thoughts.  Either way, it looks like Pashnin’s arrival in North America this fall isn’t such a slam dunk after all.

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