Frolov on KHL vs. NHL, team loyalty, and being a positive person
Sunday August 22nd 2010, 10:09 pm
Alexander Frolov


Earlier this month Russian sports portal asked readers to submit questions for newest New York Ranger Alexander Frolov. Last week, they visited Frolov’s parents home in the Moscow suburb of Serpukhov, where they set up a video teleconference with the 28-year old winger, who’s currently in Los Angeles preparing for the upcoming season. The questions, which were posed by correspondent Denis Petrov, ranged from why Frolov chose the NHL over the KHL to whether he believes there’s a place for team loyalty in today’s game. A translation of their short and admittedly vanilla interview transcript is provided below.

UPDATE 8/27/10: Stick tap to reader Ed, who pointed out that at the very end of the video, as the interview is wrapping up, Frolov tells Petrov that he’ll wear the number 31 for the Rangers next season.

- In July there was talk about your returning to the KHL. Even the league president, Alexander Medvedev, mentioned in one interview that he expected your crossing to Russia. In the end, why did you make the decision to remain in the NHL?

- The Rangers made a good offer, which interested me. It’s a well-known club with a rich history and, from a professional point of view, I decided that it was the best option for the continuation of my career. Regardless of how the KHL has developed, the strongest league in the world is still overseas.

- Despite the fact that your contract with Los Angeles had ended, you went to the World Championship without a new deal. Did you understand that your patriotic feelings could have cost you dearly?

- Of course I understood, and knew that there was a certain degree of risk. My decision didn’t delight my agents, to put it mildly. But I had no right to miss the World Championship. At no time did I regret my decision. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to repeat the successes of the last two years. The defeat in the final against the Czechs was very disappointing.

- You’re considered a master of so-called garbage goals. How did you develop the rare skill of playing in someone else’s crease, which is unusual for Russian players?

- It’s just talent! (laughs) Seriously, I don’t really know how it happened for me. I can’t say that I consistently worked on this element in practice. It all came about on its own somehow.

- Alexander, you hold a unique achievement: During your career you’ve managed to play for all four Moscow teams. In your opinion, is the concept of team loyalty already irrelevant in modern hockey?

- I think that it’s no longer [relevant]. For a long time hockey’s been not just a game, but a business. It’s already practically impossible for a professional player to spend his entire career with one team. So the migration of players from team to team is an absolutely normal process.

- Who was your hockey idol as a child and is there a current hockey player who’s game you really admire?

- In childhood it was Alexander Yakushev. And now I don’t even know…

- Your mom suggests that you liked Mark Messier.

- Well, mother knows best! There are many good players now. At one time I liked Zigmund Palffy, who I played with in Los Angeles. I think he now plays in his homeland in Slovakia.

- You give the impression of a very positive person. How do you manage to constantly stay in a good mood?

- First and foremost it’s daily meditation (laughs). Really, I don’t even think about it. I don’t do anything special, I simply am what I am.

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