Agent: Frolov about to sign with New York Rangers
Monday July 26th 2010, 6:23 pm

UPDATE 7/27/2010: The Rangers have announced the signing of Alexander Frolov.  As expected, it’s a one year deal and will pay him $3 million.

In an interview with Sovietsky Sport, Alexander Frolov’s Russian agent, Sergei Isakov, claims that his client is close to signing a one-year deal with the New York Rangers.  Here’s a quick-and-dirty translation of the pertinent parts of their conversation:

His Agent Sergei Isakov makes no secret: “Alexander Frolov is just about to sign a contract with the New York Rangers.   He’s made the decision that he’ll play another season in the NHL.  And then we’ll see where he’ll continue his career.”

- Did Los Angeles also want to keep Frolov?  After all, he spent seven seasons with that team…

- The Kings have once again begun slow-moving negotiations with Alexander.  I think  Los Angeles is still concentrating on signing Kovalchuk.  There’s a great chance that Ilya will once again become an unrestricted free agent.  So it turned out that Frolov’s fate in Los Angeles depended on someone else’s.  And that’s unpleasant.

- Especially since the Kings openly spoiled Alexander’s last season, criticizing him harshly, sending him from the first line to the third, sitting him on the bench.  That doesn’t allow you to show your normal game.

- Don’t you really know how they treat people in the NHL?  If a player is in the last year of a contract, they need to spoil his season in order to subsequently not [have to] sign him for big money.  That’s what they did with Frolov.

- It was kind of tough.  You as an agent understand that Frolov’s price on the market has fallen sharply now.

- Naturally. Therefore the contract with the Rangers is only for one season.  In general this situation is similar to that which happened to Maxim Afinogenov last year, when he signed a contract with Atlanta.

- A forward worth a few million dollars played for 800 thousand.

- Clearly.  But one needs to sacrifice something to get something in the future.  I think that Afinogenov had a great season.  And now his price on the market has increased.

- It’s unlikely Frolov himself was burning with desire to play for Los Angeles in the presence of such attitudes towards him.

- I didn’t have that conversation with him, so I can’t categorically say.  Especially now that Frolov is already almost in New York.  He’s gone from one major American city to another, only in the East.  A big metropolis, with a lot of temptations.

- Did Alexander consider the option of returning to Russia seriously?

- I negotiated with a few clubs.  But you must respect the decision of the player.  God willing, Frolov will make his career in the NHL.

Stay tuned…

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