Rangers’ Russians discuss life, love… and hockey (Part Two)
Thursday January 28th 2010, 5:00 pm

With apologies for the delay, here’s the second half of AllHockey.ru’s interview with New York Rangers forwards Artem Anisimov and Enver Lisin.

If you missed it late last week, you might want to start with part one first.

- Everyone knows that the level of the organizations in the NHL is much higher than in other leagues, even for the most elementary things. But how comfortable, for example, is your locker room. What do you have there? Tell us.

Artem Anisimov: I really like our locker room, it’s big, comfortable. There’s everything here that a professional hockey player needs: qualified staff, everyone has their own locker, there’s a large place to change clothes, a special sauna, hot and cold baths, a large room for the trainer and masseuse and much more.

Enver Lisin: In general, we have everything we need in the locker room. Incidentally, if you play on the main team in Russia everything is also convenient and comfortable.

- Enver, hello. What profession would you choose if you weren’t a hockey player. Or maybe you still have some passion other than hockey, a hobby perhaps?

- It’s difficult for me to picture myself outside of hockey, so I’d probably become a coach or an agent. It’s hard to have any other serious passions… after all, hockey is a way of life, there’s little time for anything else.  So I love simply playing video games. I play with Artem, by the way.

- Hi Artem and Enver. What was the main impetus for each of you to go to the USA?

AA: Playing in the NHL was my dream since childhood, what else can I say?

EL: Every hockey player wants to try his hand in the strongest league in the word, that’s no secret to anyone. I think it’s probably the biggest dream for every hockey player from childhood, not just Artem. Just imagine, you start playing for your favorite team in this league on the computer or game console, scoring on Brodeur, and a few years later you’re out on the ice with him. Seems to me it’s what everyone aspires to.

- A few quick questions for you both: 1. Ovechkin or Malkin? 2. Stanley Cup or Olympic Gold? 3. [Russian TV programs] “Comedy Club” or “Killer League”? 4. Beautiful or smart girl?

EL: 1. Datsyuk 2. Olympic Gold 3. Comedy 4. Unpretentious.

AA: 1. Malkin 2. So far I haven’t decided, I want to win everything. 3. Comedy 4. A combination of the first and the second.

- Artem, hello from Yaroslavl. Tell us, please: do you communicate with our Yaroslavl boys, [Devils prospect Alexander] Vasyunov, for example? How are things with them?

- Yes, we communicate, but unfortunately it’s seldom possible to meet.  So Sasha and I call each other constantly, keep in touch, share our impressions, our experiences — try to help one another with difficult situations.

- Hi Artem, Hi Enver! Are you planning to get married or do your admirers still have a chance?

EL: To tell the truth, I never thought that I had admirers. I don’t understand how it’s possible to plan to get married — at some point you just simply go ahead and get married. For now I haven’t proposed to anyone.

AA: I agree with Enver, how can you “plan”?! It seems to me that each person decides to take this step at some time in their life. Yes, I have a girlfriend, but for now both of us are too young for this sort of thing.

- Hi guys! Do you still like any kinds of sports other than hockey? Maybe there’s someone you’re a fan of, or something you still love to play?

EL: No, I don’t like other sports… I’m not a fan of anybody’s. But in the summer I might play football [soccer] with friends.

AA: I’m a fan of the football [soccer] club “Milan” and sometimes like to kick the ball around myself.

– Enver and Artem, hello. You’re rookies this season, have you had any practical jokes played on you yet?

- No, nothing comes to mind.

- Enver, a huge hello to you. Tell us, did you like playing in Kazan? What memories of it have remained [with you]?

- The best memories of my hockey career are tied to those years I spent in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan: my first medal, my first victory — it all happened there. I took great pleasure from playing for AK Bars. I very much liked how Kazan acted towards our sport, the people there just love hockey, and so the best memories have remained.

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