Lisin and Anisimov talk about adjusting to the NHL, Lundqvist’s bad goal
Friday October 09th 2009, 5:07 pm

Dmitry Chesnokov, who some of you might recognize as resident Russian translator and interviewer extraordinaire over at the fantabulous Puck Daddy blog, also covers the Washington Capitals for  Following the Capitals’ loss to the New York Rangers on Thursday night, he took a few minutes to duck across the hall for a quick chat with the Rangers two young Russians, Artem Anisimov and Enver Lisin.  Here’s a taste:

Despite spending very little time on the ice, your checking line still created quite a buzz and even created a goal for Kotalik.

LISIN: It just so happened that we had a lot of penalties. The coach does trust us, but we don’t really play on special teams. We don’t play a lot, but we don’t get upset over it. Our line even scored a goal tonight!

ANISIMOV: I played on power play a little bit in pre-season games. Not anymore though. Sometimes in practice Enver and I switch places on power play units. But we haven’t had a chance to be on the ice on power play in the regular season yet. Actually, just once. It was against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

LISIN: It was pretty tough to play against the Penguins. They had a show before the game, and then their team just started pushing real hard! It was also tough for us, because we have a lot of new guys, young guys. I was actually very nervous.

Chesnokov was also able to uncover the real reason Henrik Lundqvist let in the worst goal of his NHL career early in the third period against the Caps:

Tell me honestly, did you poke fun a little bit at Henrik Lundqvist for the goal from Backstrom?

ANISIMOV: No way! He saved us so many time tonight.

LISIN: Why would we make fun of him? He is our number one goalie. Tonight before the game I simply touched his iPod and the team almost kicked my butt. He has this special music he listens to before every game. He has these songs in a very particular order. And I just skipped five songs and his order of songs was a mess. Everyone didn’t understand what was happening. And when Henrik let in his first goal I thought to myself ‘Darn! What did I do?’

Let this be a lesson to you, kid: Don’t touch the goalies stuff! Ever!

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    LOL That’s a great story from Lisin!

    Comment by K24 10.09.09 @ 8:20 pm

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