Fleming on Cherepanov and His Time in Omsk
Tuesday March 10th 2009, 7:50 am

Former Avangard Omsk coach Wayne Fleming discussed his experience in Omsk and the death of Rangers’ prospect Alexei Cherepanov in an article publish on Sunday in the Calgary Herald.

Cherepanov’s death continues to resonate in Omsk.  Though few have spoken of him since the playoffs began, the team vowed at the time of the tragedy to win the championship for their fallen teammate, and while it remains a long shot that they’ll be able to overcome the obstacles they have and will continue to face, he will undoubtedly be in their minds as they take the ice in Kazan later today.

Fans and friends continue to visit the local hero’s grave daily, smothering it with wreaths and flowers and lighting candles in his memory even now, almost five months after his death.  Last week, as his former teammates were returning to Omsk to host games three and four of their first round playoff series, careless placement of a candle resulted in a fire that scorched the flowers and wreaths placed there, burning the wooden cross and portrait that mark his final resting place.  Both have since been replaced, and a new mountain of flowers and wreaths has begun to form.

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