Results Released in Cherepanov Investigation
Monday December 29th 2008, 11:51 am

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has released the results of its investigation into the death of Ranger prospect Alexei Cherepanov.   Investigators concluded that Cherepanov suffered from a heart condition that should have precluded him from participating in professional sports, and that chemical analysis revealed evidence of performance enhancing substances (doping).  In addition, the investigatory committee concluded that the medical crew that responded to the arena committed a number of flagrant violations.

From their press release:

According to the conclusion of forensic doctors Alexei Cherepanov suffered from a disease of the heart — chronic myocarditis.  The duration of the disease could be dated back approximately one year. The disease in question precludes the possibility of employment in professional sports.  The direct cause of death is acute cardiovascular failure.  In blood and urine traces of alcohol and drugs were not found, but chemical analysis makes it possible to draw the conclusion that for several months Alexei Cherepanov took performance enhancing substances (doping).

During the investigatory inspection it was established that the crew rendering medical aid to A. Cherepanov had committed a number of flagrant violations: the first aid crew, having arrived at the call after 12 minutes, had with it a defibrillator with a discharged battery, and the squad doctor provided the incorrect diagnosis of “biological death”.

The results of their investigation regarding the competence of the Avangard medical staff have been forwarded to the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Omsk, while the materials concerning the medical crew that responded to the arena on October 13th have been send to the Public Prosecutor in Moscow.  No further information regarding possible criminal prosecution is available at this time, and neither the KHL or Avangard Omsk have commented yet.  The full report from the prosecutor’s office is expected after the new year.

Translation note: The term “doping” in Russian is used as both “doping” in the blood doping sense and as “performance enhancing substance”, so further clarification is required to understand exactly what they are alleging Cherepanov was involved in.  That should come when the full report is released in the new year.

It’s also worth noting that the Public Prosecutor’s conclusion is in conflict with what was reported in October by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, which is accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency and International Olympic Committee.

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