Rangers Refuse to Release Cherepanov’s Medical Records (Updated)
Friday November 07th 2008, 7:16 pm

According to Russian daily Sport-Express, the New York Rangers have refused to share the results of medical tests performed on 2007 1st round draft pick Alexei Cherepanov, which were requested by Russian officials as part of their ongoing investigation into his death on October 13th:

Yesterday it became known to a Sport-Express correspondent that the medical staff of the New York Rangers has flatly refused to hand over the results of the medical tests which were performed [on Cherepanov] after the 2007 draft. At that time, you’ll recall, Cherepanov was overseas and took part in the summer training camp for rookies of the “Blueshirts”. The American side, by the way, did not provide any reason for the motives behind their decision.

Try as I might, I’ve been unable to come up with a single, justifiable reason for this decision.

UPDATE 11/10/2008: According to ESPN, the NHL has not released Cherepanov’s records because they’re waiting for authorization from Cherepanov’s parents. “We have no legal ability to release them without authorization from the player’s family,” Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN. “We’ve asked twice. They have ignored us.”

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    Unless they have something to hide. And forget the compensation. Let this kid RIP.

    Comment by Ruthe 11.07.08 @ 2:02 pm

    Maybe it’s this new privacy laws regarding medical records is why they are doing this? Well, the law is relatively new, like 3 or 4 years old. I forget what it’s called.

    Comment by Jennifer 11.07.08 @ 2:12 pm

    It’s the HIPPA Act and covers the release of medical records. They can be released when required by law to do so and probably by a subpoena; however, you know the cooperation between the NHL and KHL. Probably not going to happen. I am sure there are legal issues in Russia and probably a law suit involved. I am sure Laure can shed more light on this subject.

    Comment by Ruthe 11.07.08 @ 2:22 pm

    “Try as I might, I’ve been unable to come up with a single, justifiable reason for this decision”

    How about they’re a bunch of tossers…

    Comment by Elliot 11.07.08 @ 3:25 pm

    This is insane. First the compensation, then this?!!! Sure, there are HIPPA laws, but Alexei DIED. This is a serious situation and Russia is holding a serious trial. Those medical records are an important part of the case. Also, the information they provide can help both the NHL and KHL reform their medical policies. All the players in both leagues and the prospects soon to be drafted deserve to have this change occur. Hypothetically, as of now, they are all in danger.

    Besides, as you said, what justification could there be? Unless the Rangers want to cover something up that would prevent them from getting their precious 2nd round draft pick… But what could it be?

    As for HIPPA, this is no normal situation. And I get the feeling that not only would Alexei feel comfortable with this decision- particularly considering how the records could help save others from the same terrible, tragic death- but his parents certainly would support this. They just lost their 19 year-old son. I am sure they do not want any other parents to go through that same pain. And, of course, they obviously want to know what killed their young son…

    Comment by Rangers are being ridiculous 11.07.08 @ 3:42 pm

    What exactly do they need the records for? As a player in their farm system/league/country, shouldn’t they have enough records over the course of the past six years to have all of the information they could need?

    Comment by #14 11.07.08 @ 4:26 pm

    #14 – One of the goals of the investigation is to determine whether Avangard knew he had a problem and allowed him to play anyway, which is what one of the medical examiners alleged the day after Cherepanov died (though numerous docs on both sides of the globe have questioned what the medical examiner said re: cause of death). A clean bill of health from a second source — i.e. the Rangers — would help clear Avangard of blame. The records could also help prove or disprove a cause of death, which ultimately could help prevent something similar from happening in the future.

    As far as I’m concerned, a 19-year old kid is dead, and the organization should do whatever it can to help determine why. If this turns out to be some sort of politically-motivated NHL vs. KHL BS, I’ll be extremely disappointed.

    Comment by laurie 11.07.08 @ 5:44 pm

    I couldn’t agree more, this is extremely sketchy.

    Comment by Amos 11.07.08 @ 9:44 pm

    During the summer Avangard played in the Blinov Memorial, the guy collapsed when he was 23 yrs. old, they knew he was coughing up blood. He obviously musta looked like crap anyway, yet he was found fit to play. This was some time ago. Not much has changed, looks like.

    Comment by Why...Oh why...Why,why 11.08.08 @ 12:37 am

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