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Wednesday October 01st 2008, 10:20 pm

Here’s the full version of Tuesday’s post-game interview from which Soviet Sport pulled the Alexei Cherepanov quote in the previous post. It’s not very long, and he doesn’t say a whole lot more that’s particularly notable. But all this recent national team talk can only be seen as a positive, since making the national team was said to be one of the goals Cherepanov set for himself before leaving for the NHL…

Cherepanov: We must beat Atlant…
September 30, 9:35pm
Source: Vasily Minin, 4th Period

Avangard forward Alexi Cherepanov, who scored the winning goal in the game with Torpedo (4:3), talked about what [head coach] Fleming demands from his team and who he’ll be rooting for in the Victoria Cup.

- The second game [in two days] has turned out to be more difficult, what do you attribute that to?

- Yes, it was difficult for us physically, but we tried and its good that we won. Now we’ll get some rest and get ready for the game with Atlant [on Friday].

- To what do you attribute your triumphant scoring streak?

- On our line there’s good chemistry, and it works out that I am fortunate enough to finish the combination. It is necessary to credit all three.

- When Kuryanov was out, was it harder to play?

- Of course, we have gotten used to playing with him. But we’re all professional players and should prove that we’re able to play in different combinations.

- Does the head coach demand anything special of the team now?

- He demands that we go out and win. He never shouts, on the contrary, he supports us in every way possible and keeps things positive.

- After the last game, Ryabikin shouted “Cherepanov to the national team!” What is your attitude towards such words?

- It’s to be decided by the coaches, but of course I would like to play for the national team.

- Atlant is the current leader of the KHL. Will you in get ready for the game in any way particular way?

- Of course… they are our direct competitor for first place, and we must beat them, especially since we’re playing at home.

– Tomorrow the game between Magnitogorsk and the Rangers takes place — who will you root for?

Well, I don’t know if I’ll get to watch it… but I’ll probably root for the Rangers. After all, they’re closer to me. (smiles)

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