Alexei Cherepanov: It Would be a Shame Not to Score
Tuesday October 07th 2008, 10:43 pm

Russian web site Sports Daily published a brief interview with Alexei Cherepanov today in which he discusses his current six-game goal scoring streak, his recovery from an early season groin injury, possible inclusion on Team Russia, and Avangard Omsk’s new head coach Wayne Fleming.

Avangard Forward Alexei Cherepanov: I Will Not Not Reveal the Cards
Yuri Ludanov, Sport

Avangard forward Alexei Cherepanov recently put up a six goal scoring streak. He spoke about who he has to thank for manging to attain such a scoring feat, and how the new head coach of the Hawks, Wayne Flemming, conducts himself.

- Alexei, it looks like you are once again in top shape?

- So it seems. Thanks go to our team doctors who helped me rehabilitate very quickly after the injury I sustained at the start of the season.

- And what did they do with you? In general, how do they manage to maintain Avangard’s [physical] tone? Your team had tiring flights to Khabarovsk and back, but the back-to-back games didn’t derail you.

- They have their ways (smiles). But I’m afraid I don’t get to reveal these secrets.

- Then at least tell us how you managed put up the longest goal scoring streak in your career.

- This is wholly and completely a service of my linemates — Anton Kuryanov and Sasha Popov. I simply complete the overall effort. The guys make such passes to me that it would simply be a shame not to score.

- After the game with HK MVD, Dmitry Ryabikin, having caught sight of you in front of the television cameras, began to shout “Cherepanov to the national team.” Do you agree with your more experienced teammate?

- I’ll let the coaches of the team decide who they’ll invite. If they summon me, to put it clearly, I would not refuse.

- Let’s return to team affairs. What has changed with Fleming’s arrival?

- First of all, he talked with each line separately. He said that we should be ready to take the ice at any moment. Now we do not have a clear order within the roster. Those who look better are on the ice more often.

- And do his methods differ from former Avangard coaches?

- Naturally — each coach has their own way. I won’t reveal his cards. If you’re so interested, ask Fleming yourself.

- I asked. He won’t comment on anything. He says its knowledge for within the team.

- There you go! In general Fleming’s main difference is that he is very composed. Wayne never shouts at us. On the contrary, in every situation he tries to build up an optimistic mood. Says: good work guys, let’s play, score your goals.

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    Thank you, Laurie. Just to clear up Cherepanov’s comment about rolling lines. In Russia, generally coaches just roll the lines one through four w/o adjusting to the situations. Players get used to it too so for a youngster like Cherry it would be weird to be a part of part of Fleming’s matching style (obviously it would require more concentation on the game as well).

    Comment by Kovazub94 10.08.08 @ 10:38 am

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