Not Hartley, Not King. Will the New Avangard Coach Please Stand Up?
Thursday September 18th 2008, 9:38 am

Proving that the Russian media is about as reliable as an Eklund rumor, is now reporting that neither Bob Hartley or Dave King will be appointed as the successor to former Avangard bench boss Sergei Gersonsky. While the team negotiated with both men, it is in fact a third Canadian who’ll be named to the post within the next two days, according to the report.

Who could it be, you ask? Those secretive folks at won’t spill the beans, offering only that it’s “a Canadian expert who’s authority is unquestionable.” Naturally. “His new assistant will be a Czech expert.” Check.

Czechs Radim Rulik, former assistant to the famed Ivan Hlinka, and Marek Sykora (former coach, but otherwise no relation to short-term Ranger Petr) are two names that were thrown around earlier this week as possible replacement for Gersonsky, but at last check, both were offering denials. As for the “Canadian expert”… the fans on Avangard’s guestbook have inexplicably gotten it into their heads that it could be the legendary Scotty Bowman. Cue laughter track.

Either way, Igor Nikitin and his merry band of player assistants will lead the team in a rematch against Lada Togliatti tomorrow. According to Championat, the new Canadian coach and Czech assistant won’t take over until September 24th, when the team returns briefly to Omsk in the middle of it’s upcoming 4-game road trip.

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    What a strange season it’s shaping up to be for Omsk… I wonder if this signals the start of a rebuild? It makes me wonder if Jagr is starting to rethink spending the next three years there.

    Comment by Amos 09.18.08 @ 7:18 pm

    Remeber these fans in the guestbook also mention John Tort’s name a few times. (Inset eyeroll here)

    Comment by luckyluck 09.18.08 @ 9:13 pm

    Wow, wouldn’t that be sthg if Scottie Bowman were to go to Omsk? I think he’s going to help out at the Chi Blk Hawks. But I bet Scottie could do it, get Omsk the championship.

    Comment by Why...Oh why...Why,why 09.18.08 @ 9:59 pm

    Wayne Fleming
    CALGARY FLAMES-Announced the resignation of Wayne Fleming, Quad City (AHL) assistant coach, to become the coach of Omsk (Russian Continental Hockey League).

    Comment by Sonnie 09.19.08 @ 8:12 am

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