More on Cherepanov’s Injury (Updated)
Tuesday September 09th 2008, 8:07 pm

Oleg Malitsky of asked Avangard Omsk senior coach Igor Zhilinski about the absence of Alexei Cherepanov and Pavel Rosa from Omsk’s lineup on Sunday during an interview about Omsk’s start and tomorrow’s home opener today. As expected, Zhilinski explained that Cherepanov’s absence was related to the groin injury he suffered during Omsk’s season opener last week. Zhilinski suggested the decision to sit him out was mostly precautionary. “Cherepanov’s absence is connected with the injury received by him during the game with Kazan. Considering the nature of this injury, we were afraid to expose Alexei in the match against Lada, who’s manner of play is known.” Zhilinski continued: “The injury is minor but could lead to very bad consequences. Therefore we decided take care of Cherepanov.” That would seem to suggest Cherepanov will be back in the lineup for tomorrow’s game against Magnitogorsk, though the question wasn’t asked directly.

Rosa’s absence was the result of a bad penalty taken in the game against Nizhnekamsk. “As for Rosa, he was not in the lineup for the last game because of the unwarranted penalty taken by him in Nizhnekamsk,” Zhilinski explained. “At the time, the whole team suffered, and we gave Pavel time to reflect upon his game.”

UPDATE: reports that both Cherepanov and Rosa will play in tomorrow’s game against Magnitogorsk. Well, the headline says the two “will play” while the body of the article states they “could” play. And they don’t provide a source for this information, and also state that both Cherepanov and Rosa missed the last game due to injury… so take all that for what it’s worth. Or you could just wait till 8am EDT tomorrow, when you can watch the game live online at and find out for yourself.

UPDATE 2:, citing “sources close to Avangard”, confirms both Cherepanov and Rosa will return to the Omsk lineup tomorrow. They also report that Viktor Aleksandrov, who led Metallurg Novokuznezk in scoring last season before signing with Omsk this summer, and who has been exiled on the 4th line for Avangard thus far this season, will not play.

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