The Question That Won’t Go Away
Monday August 11th 2008, 1:27 am
Photo: Salavat Yulaev

Photo: Salavat Yulaev Official Web Site

You’d have to think that at some point New York Rangers 2007 first round draft pick Alexei Cherepanov will get tired of answering the question of why he decided to stay in Russia this season rather than leave for the NHL. But since the press keeps asking — and inferring the reason was that his idol Jaromir Jagr was Siberia-bound — he keeps answering. This time it was for a reporter from Sport Today: “I decided to stay for this season because I didn’t want to quarrel with management, to create unnecessary tension. Recently in our hockey there have been enough scandals. Now I’ll play out the season, and then I will think about the NHL. ” He went on to talk about playing with his idol: “Jagr is a great hockey player. To have him on the team is great luck. It is very pleasing to me. I communicate often with him at practice. I try to imitate his skill. No one would refuse such a teacher.”

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    That one was a lot more encouraging than “I kind of forgot about the NHL for a while…” Hopefully Cherry is just doing the right thing by playing out his deal (and getting rewarded with a chance to play with his idol) and we will all be anxiously awaiting him in Training Camp this time a year from now. I’m still pretty worried though…

    Comment by Rob 08.11.08 @ 6:02 pm

    i’m more pleased to see cherepanov get the jagr after school classes than i would’ve been if he had tried to come over this summer. i think this extra season will enable him to make the jump straight to the nhl next year. i think jagr will steer him towards what jagr himself calls “the best league in the world.” besides, if cherepanov had come to the nhl this summer with one year left on his contract, his contract would be suspended like filatov’s was, only the KHL would care WAY more about losing a talent like cherepanov.
    to distract myself from all the fuss, i think about what number he’ll wear when he comes over to NY. he can’t wear 7 and he cant wear 17… hmm…

    Comment by Amos 08.11.08 @ 8:25 pm

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