Alexei Cherepanov: Dreams Do Come True!
Thursday July 17th 2008, 11:58 pm
Photo: Avangard Omsk

Photo: Avangard Omsk

In a brief interview posted on after Avangard Omsk finished their first day of training camp on Tuesday, Alexei Cherepanov sounded happy to be back playing hockey after the long summer break necessitated by Omsk’s early playoff exit.  “I had time to start to miss hockey” he admitted.  “At last all the guys have met!  Some I had started to miss, some I have only just met” he continued.  “Yes, we had a long time off, two months… the quick exit from the playoffs is to blame.  But on the other hand, now everything is in order for us.  We’ll train and get ourselves ready for the season.”

Cherepanov was also happy to be told by journalists that the coaching staff had revealed earlier that he would be reunited his linemates from last season, left wing Alexander Popov and center Anton Kuryanov. One has to wonder what effect being the second line right wing behind Jaromir Jagr will have on Cherepanov’s ice time, given Jagr’s penchant for extending his shifts.  But that’s not on Cherepanov’s mind right now — he’s just excited by the prospect of playing with his hero.  “Yes.  Dreams do come true! I am  very happy that I will be near this person, to play on the same team as him, to watch him.  Who knows, maybe I’ll pick something up.”  He continued: “We’re all happy about this.  And not just because he’s a great player, but a great person.  Furthermore, with him on the team with us, we no longer have the right to play below our standards.”

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